If I became a priest, what would I do if I fell in love?

Falling in love triggers very deep emotions that touch the core of a person’s being. It is just as difficult for a priest as for anybody else to manage these emotions, which can be very powerful and may even cause him to question his original commitment. A good rule of thumb is not to make a decision in a time of inner turmoil, but to wait out the storm until calm is restored. Then you can place your life before the Lord in prayer, asking for light and wisdom and right judgment. All will be well if you follow these simple guidelines. It comes down in the end – just like for a married person who falls in love with someone else – to faithfulness and commitment.

Sometimes commitment to celibacy calls for enormous sacrifice and painful detachment. Faithfulness to your vocation is not possible without a deep prayer-life. Also, it can be made easier by the support of genuine friendships and especially of a ‘soul friend’ to help you keep focussed.

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