I do not consider myself to be exceptionally holy, I try to pray every day and follow the commandments. I have always been very interested in the priesthood but I have never felt a burning passion for it. Could I still be called to the priesthood?

Yes indeed, your interest in the priesthood might be pointing in the direction of vocation. It is not at all necessary to be ‘exceptionally holy’ or to have ‘a burning passion’ for priesthood for a vocation to be authentic. God can call ‘quietly’, without fuss, as in the case of Elijah who felt the presence of God, not in the wind, not in the earthquake nor in the fire, but in ‘the gentle breeze’ (1 Kings 19:10-13).  The fact that you pray every day and follow the commandments is a sign that your house is already built on rock. You should explore with the help of a trusted and trustworthy guide the nature of your ‘interest’ in priesthood in order to discern if it carries the ‘gentle breeze’ of God’s subtle attraction to follow Him more closely.

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