Why would anybody become a priest nowadays?

Firstly, why would one become a priest at all?

  • For love of Jesus Christ
  • Because the same Lord continues to call people to be his close companions and to be sent out on mission
  • Because this call is felt at the deepest level of a person’s being. It draws them into an adventure of love and service, an adventure that is full of surprises – because God is the God of surprises. Answering this call gives a person the joy of the Holy Spirit, who guides and inspires them and gives them courage and hope.

Secondly, why would one become a priest nowadays?

  • Because the world continues to cry out for the depth of love that Christ alone offers
  • Because the harvest is great and the labourers are few.
  • Because so many are blinded by the false gods of materialism, of individualism, of so-called ‘progress’ and ‘personal autonomy’ and ‘choice’ – values that are often cut off from their divine roots and hence risk becoming superficial and ephemeral and ultimately futile.
  • Because much of the world (especially now in the west) has lost ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’ – the trajectory of Christ that points to our final end and ultimate fulfilment.
  • Because many have not yet heard the message of the gospel.
  • Because the world needs the tenderness of Christ, the mercy of Christ, the healing touch of Christ more today than ever before.
  • Because the sorry state of so many people in our world shows how easy it is for us to succumb to the temptation to accumulate wealth and to act out of a sense of entitlement and pride. This has led in so many places to war, exploitation, injustice, poverty, and environmental destruction.
  • Because the world hungers, often unconsciously, for God’s Kingdom of justice, love and peace.

Never were committed and holy priests so important for the world than now! Now is the time! Now is the moment! The harvest is indeed great and the labourers few!

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